Web tracking and customer analytics

Made in Germany - for Europeans

Events and user properties

MarvelMetrics is more than just web analytics. Use it to track custom user events (e.g. downloads, sign-ups, purchases, newsletter opens) and properties (e.g. traffic source, country, returning).

Custom reports

Create reports for the metrics relevant to your business and go beyond page views and pure visitor numbers: New acquisitions, retention, customer lifetime value, average order value and more.

Privacy protection & GDPR

We are a European company and thus have to fully comply with the GDPR regulations. {br} Learn more about <link_en>GDPR</link_en>

Retroactive funnels

MarvelMetrix lets you create funnels not only for future events but also for events recorded in the past.

Dig deep into your data

Segment and filter your reports by customer properties and events. Even complex analytics reports are generated instantly.

Your data, 100%

All data recorded in your account belongs to you only. You can take the data with you if you decide not to use our service anymore.