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We offer 3 plans for small to medium size companies. Contact us if you need more events.

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Plan summaryStarterGrowthPro
Number of projects1520
Number of events100.000500.0002.000.000
Data retention90 days1 year2 years

Frequently asked questions

What is an action?

MarvelMetrix records events (page views, downloads,...) and properties (user data such as country, device type, traffic source). Each event or property change counts as action.

What is a project?

A project tracks events and properties of users for a web page or application. If you have 2 web pages, you'll usually use 2 projects for this to keep the visitor data separated. Exceptions to this are pages that span multiple domains - e.g. if your store or checkout page is hosted on a separate domain.

What if I want to track more projects/web pages?

Users of the <b>Starter</b> or <b>Growth</b> plans can upgrade to the next bigger plan. If you are already using <b>Pro</b>, please contact us.

Can I try MarvelMetrix before I buy?

Sure. We have a 14 days trial that includes 250.000 actions. You can upgrade from trial to a paid plan whenever you want without losing data.

How long does MarvelMetrix store my data?

The <b>Small</b> plan stores data for up to 90 days, <b>Growth</b> for up to 1 year, and <b>Pro</b> for up to 2 years. You can set shorter retention times in your project settings. Contact us if you need longer retention times for the <b>Pro</b> plan.

How do I figure out how many actions I'll need?

Start with the trial to see how many actions your project(s) create per day. It's usually a good idea to track data for a whole week &mdash; many pages have a different visitor number during the week compared to weekends.

What happens after I exceed my action quota?

We send you an information email when 90% of the quota is used and more than 2 days are left in the current billing period. You can decide if you want to stop recording data until the next billing period starts or if you want to continue recording (with some additional cost based on the number of additional actions).

MarvelMetrix features

The following tables give you a brief overview over the available features in MarvelMetrix.

GDPR & PrivacyStarterGrowthPro
GDPR compliant

CodeAndWeb GmbH - the company behind MarvelMetrix - has to be GDPR compliant simply because we are a German company.

European servers only

All tracking data is stored and processed on European servers. We don't use any cloud services from non-European companies such as AWS, Azure,... for this purpose.

Data Processing Agreement & Ownership of data

As a customer, you have full control of the data - we collect it on your behalf. We don't use the collected data for our own purposes.

No data is shared with 3rd parties

We don't sell or share the collected data with any 3rd parties. Not even in aggregated form.

Data isolation

We do not combine collected data across project or accounts.

Transparency & Right of access

Tracked users can request their user profile and collected data in digital form.

Right to withdraw consent & Right to erasure

We erase the complete user profile with all events and properties when a user withdraws his/her consent. This also stops recording future events for this user - even when using tracking pixels for email open-rate tracking. We resume data collection only after another opt-in from the user.

TLS encryption

All communication with the MarvelMetrix servers is TLS encrypted. Including tracking and access to the analytics application.

Raw data export

Take your raw tracking data with you (e.g. if you want to switch to another analytics service)

Web trackingStarterGrowthPro
Automatic classification of traffic source

Automatic identification and classification of traffic according to search engines (SEO, SEA), Social Media, link/referrer

Single-Page Applications (SPA)

Tracks single-page applications and one-pagers

Device classification

Detects devices (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile), Operating system, Browser

Language & Country

Detects browser language, country, region & city (GeoIP)

Does not store IP addresses

MarvelMetrics discards the IP addresses after the location lookup (country, city).

First party-tracking

Uses first-party cookies for tracking

Campaign tracking

Track AdWords campaigns and custom campaign parameters (see below)

TLS encryption

Tracking data is sent through encrypted connections to our servers

Cross-domain tracking

Track users across multiple domains (e.g. your webpage and store)

Cross device tracking

Track identified users across multiple devices

Cookie-less tracking

Track web sessions without setting cookies

Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Exclude from tracking

Exclude traffic from your own company with opt-out cookies or IP address blocks

Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Custom domain tracking

Use a custom domain for tracking (e.g. analytics.your-domain.com)

Coming soon
Email campaign trackingStarterGrowthPro
Campaign tracking

Email campaigns with custom properties

Open rate

Track email open rates by embedding a tracking pixel

Email click rates

Use link parameters to track your campaign click rates


Server side opt-out from email tracking (including the tracking pixel)

Custom tracking pixel

Host the email tracking pixel on your own or the sender domain - e.g. your logo or any other graphics - to decrease the spam score and increase deliverability.

Track clicks on links to 3rd party pages

Use our link redirector to track clicks landing on 3rd party pages

Coming soon
User profilesStarterGrowthPro
Custom user properties

Enhance user profiles with custom data fields.

Custom user events

Customize MarvelMetrix to your needs by defining tracking events

Merge user profiles

Merge user profiles collected from multiple devices into a single user profile


See user profiles with timelines of all events performed by the user

Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Campaign trackingStarterGrowthPro
Google AdWords campaign tracking

Automatically detects and tracks Google AdWords parameters

Campaign link generator

Easy setup of tracking links for any campaign including custom properties

Custom campaign parameters

Define your custom campaign parameters for granular tracking - e.g. partner, channel, campaign, display variant, positioning, target, keyword, etc.

Campaign segments

Segment campaigns dynamically by any user property or event. E.g. langing pages, countries, languages, downloads, purchases,...

Real data (no sampling or interpolation)

All reports are calculated on the collected data. No sampling or interpolation is used.

Live data

No delays: New tracking data shows up within seconds in your reports.

Instant report generation

The average time for creating a report is less than 1s.


Create all reports from data collected in the past (Metrics, Funnels, A/B tests,...)

Segmentation on events

Create segments from user events such as page views, landing page, purchase, download,...

Segmentation on user properties

Create segments from user properties such as traffic source, user status, campaign parameters, devices, country, language,...

Unlimited number of custom reports

No limits: MarvelMetrics lets you create any number of custom reports you want.

Save reports as Excel, CSV, PDF
Coming soon
Receive reports by email

Receive your reports in your inbox - daily, weekly or monthly

Coming soon
Cohort AnalysisStarterGrowthPro

Create cohort reports from your existing tracking data at any time

Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Segmentation by user properties and events

Segment your cohort reports by any user property or event

Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Filtering by user properties and events

Filter your cohort reports by user properties (e.g. country, language, campaign,...)

Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon

Create metrics reports from your existing tracking data at any time

Segmentation by user properties and events

Segment your reports by any user property or event

Filtering by user properties and events

Filter your cohort reports by user properties (e.g. country, language, campaign,...)


Create metrics reports based on events per users, number of events, average number of events, sum of property value, average property value, conversion rate

Retroactive funnels

Create funnel reports from your existing tracking data at any time

Segmentation by user properties and events

Segment your funnel reports by any user property or event

Filtering by user properties and events

Filter your funnel reports by user properties (e.g. country, language, campaign,...)

Full data ownership

The data is yours. We don't sell it or give it to any 3rd party.

Raw data export (JSON)

Take your recorded tracking data as JSON data export with you

KPI MonitoringStarterGrowthPro
Email alerts

Receive emails when your KPIs show irregularities

Coming soon
Configurable alert thresholds
Coming soon
A/B TestingStarterGrowthPro
A/B Testing with easy setup

Use simple API functions to set up your A/B testing

Coming soon
Multivariate testing

Create split test with more than 2 variations.

Coming soon
Multi-Goal testing

Calculate test metrics for multiple goals (e.g. downloads and purchases) to see which goals are affected by the test variants.

Coming soon
Bayesian statistics

Calculates the expected loss, the probability to beat the best and other values that help you make the right decisions.

Coming soon
Segments & Filters

See and filter test results by any user property or event

Coming soon
User interfaceStarterGrowthPro
Customizable Dashboard

Create dashboards that keep track of your key metrics.

English & German User Interface
Responsive Interface (Desktop & Tablet)
Encrypted access (TLS)
Languages: English and German
Free email support
Priority support
Installation / onboarding service

We help you with the setup and installation of MarvelMetrix in your application or web page.

Billed separately
Billed separately
Billed separately
Integration, APIs and SDKsStarterGrowthPro
Web (Javascript)
Web (PHP)
Email (Tracking pixel)
Server log analysis
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Desktop / Mobile App (Qt)
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Mobile App (Android)
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Mobile App (iOS)
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Game (Unity)
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon