GDPR & Privacy

GDPR and ePrivacy compliant web tracking and customer analytics made in Germany with MarvelMetrix.

MarvelMetrix: Made in Germany - for Europeans only

MarvelMetrix is a product of CodeAndWeb GmbH — a software development company located in Neu-Ulm, Germany. What does that mean for you?

  • As a European company we are under the same data protection regulations (as you are)
  • We offer MarvelMetrix exclusively to European companies
  • We store no data on cloud services like Amazon, Microsoft, Google
  • We work with German companies only for hosting, data processing and storage
  • Data processing agreements with our customers & sub-contractors
  • We don’t share your tracking data with 3rd parties, not even aggregated or anonymized
  • Exclusive to Europeans

We offer MarvelMetrix exclusively to European companies because this ensures that we share the same data protection laws (GDPR, ePrivacy).

This has advantages for both of us:

  • You know that we are GDPR compliant
  • We know that you only deliver GDPR compliant data to us

Hosted in Europe (Germany)

We store the tracking data only on servers located in Europe (Germany), hosted by European (German) companies. We don’t use cloud services like AWS, Azure or Google.

Data processing agreement and ownership of data

We collect tracking data on behalf of our customers under a data processing agreement. The customer owns the data to 100%, and it’s is never shared with 3rd parties (except our subcontractors that host our databases). The customer can obtain a complete data dump on request.

Rights of the tracked users

MarvelMetrics gives users tracked by our systems simple methods to exercise their rights under GDPR:

  • the right to access their data
  • the right to export their data in a machine-readable format
  • the right to object
  • the right to withdraw their consent
  • the right to erasure

“Do not track” (optional)

MarvelMetrix does not track users with “Do not track” set in their browser by default.

IP addresses

MarvelMetrix does not store IP addresses in the database. We use the IP address only for a GeoIP lookup and discard it from the tracking data afterwards.